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December 19,2012
The fiscal cliff, the self-imposed deadline sanctioned by congress has the world sitting on edge. The cliff in layman’s term is basically a bill for a tab place in front of our government for spendings our country accumulated over a span of time. This invisible fall was put in place to keep track of the government spendings, and try to keep some semblance of a budget. So, they are fighting a ‘bill’ that they made for themselves? Well, first things last–we will not go over the invisible cliff. All of those media types hyping a cliff falling are getting excited over nothing. These things find a way of working themselves out. If by some slim chance we do go over this cliff what happens? not the catastrophic end predicted by the Mayans millineums ago. Heres the run down. Wall street gets into a tizzy, the stock market plummets for a while, those doing trades with america would complain for a while, and then the president implements some new measure to save the country from going into a depression again–and everybody lives happily ever after.
And speaking of which, the 112TH DO NOTHING CONGRESS that help construct this mess is final over, good riddance. Don’t let the doorknob hit ya’…

Speaker of the house John Boehner managed again to peeve politicians everywhere. This time little Johnny withheld a house vote to send federal aid to the tornado destructed areas of New York and New Jersey because he had just lost (in some opinion) in the negotiations with the democratic party on the fiscal cliff battle. Some republicans are of the belief that he gave away too much to the president’s party. With his job in jeopardy and Boehner under fire from the neo-cons, It would have appeared that he was authorizing more federal spending in a time when his party’s biggest battle has been to wage war against spending. Two noted republicans: New Jersey Gov.Chris Christie and New York Sen. Peter King had harsh words for the speaker, blaming him for the stall and calling the tactic deplorable. Christie looked as if he was going to explode, or at the very least beat the hell out of Boehner.

Okay, so it was Susan Rice’s fault for the attack on Benghazi because she didn’t look into the future and know that the terrorist were about to attack? yes? no? Or was it that she announced the information that was given to her by the heads of security about that very attack as she was told, maybe? Or was it that president Obama adores her, (not to mention that she had paid her dues as other SOS have, and is more than qualified) and whatever he likes they must destroy? BINGO! House republicans flipped when word leaked that President Obama could possibly name her as the secretary of state. At that very moment in the republicans eyes she became inept; not versed enough or experienced enough to run foreign affairs, and have power over (their) military.
Fair enough, let’s go in another direction. Hey out of touch republicans, is it Hillary Clinton’s fault for the deadly Benghazi attack? It is? explain please? Well, it’s any democrat that has anything to do with that president Obama fault. That’s the concrete stand taken by the far right wingers in the witch hunt to place blame on the incident that happened september the 11th in Benghazi. And they wonder why there’s such a low opinion of their party.

Little Johnny Boehner recently said that president Obama’s objective is to annihilate the republican party. I hope so. This party leaders gathered shortly after the president’s first election with Mitch McConnell leading the way. McConnell stated firmly that their mission is to make sure that he was a one term president. The POTUS has been called these names by the leaders of the republican party; Hitler, a socialist, a jihadist, a muslim, a thief, a foreigner, and a terrorist. Those are words from their leaders! Annihilation would be too good for them. The falsehood that he is unwilling to meet them half way has always been out there, eventhough his invites have been rejected repeatedly. In what country does the king bow to the servants? Why do they think he is suppose to neal to them? hmmm… But at least they are consistent, blame it on Obama–even the responsibilities of their party.

Here are some of the speakers chosen for the C-PAC convention: Sarah Palin (loser) Mitt Romney (loser) Paul Ryan (loser) Ted Cruz (loser in the making) Marco Rubio (soon to be loser). All of these losers and future losers were picked instead of Chris Christie to find a way to win back the white house. They all have another thing in common besides losing and lying, they hate Barack Obama.
Christie shook his hand and complimented him, he can’t be in the losers club anymore.
Hey Chris, you have a 74% approval rating as a republican governor in a blue state ( which easily makes you the most popular republican alive ) still you were snubbed by C-PAC, but all of your friends were invited? Some friends they turned out to be. Hey Chris, it’s not too late to switch sides. If the GOP doesn’t appreciate what they have in you; a no-nonsense politician that actually puts people ahead of politics then let us date you. For speaking the truth about Obama’s aid to your state, and worse, telling the truth about Boehner’s neglect, they cheated on you, pushed you aside. And after all you’ve done for them. You’re the best thing that ever happened to them (for now) and they shoved you aside because you don’t hate the president! And they wonder why their approval rating is under 30%. We like your honest — often abrasive style of politics, its refreshing, even when your wrong, ask Joe Biden. You deserve better, they’ll never appreciate you like we do. You should turn on them like they did to you; break up with them, don’t return phone calls, no more dates, leaving them standing at the altar. At this rate there won’t be a republican in the white house before 2028 anyway. So come on over to our house, we’ll take care of you; all 350 pounds of you, and not just a rebound relationship–the real thing, we have room, we always have room for good men.

Once again, the POTUS showed that whenever he walks into a room he’s the smartest one in it. By carefully maneuvering his entitlement cuts to time with the gun and gay marriage issues Obama is as crafty as an old baseball manager thinking two batters ahead. Obama’s proposal to slash some benefits and raise the age on social security is being met with some scrutiny on the left, most notably Sen.Bernie Sanders(I) of Connecticut, who usually leans left on social issues.
The president knew that the proposal would be met with a certain amount of skepticism on the left, he expected it. The POTUS is waging that in the long-run to get more tax reform done now that he would have to give something back now, or at least appear to give back. The cuts are not scheduled to kick in to well after 2020, by then, the entitlement fight will be anew, and the ever-changing demographic will favor more liberally thinking social issues. He also knows that the right-wing is splintered, behaving like little kids trying to get to a toy in a cereal box–pour the cereal out and get the toy, that’s why mom bought the cereal, isn’t it! This is just more fire being sprayed onto the burning kindlings by the president. Obama, as shrewd as they come, knew this would divide the republican party further, with some resisting the primace of the proposal, calling it an attack on seniors and the struggling, or as it’s phrased today–the middle class–hence, ObamaCare is hurting seniors and hard-working Americans. Since that fight has already been won, why not kill two birds with one stone–(give) them a portion of what they’ve been clamoring for, all the while creating another riff between the idealogues and those more pragmatic on the right. Let those factions argue over the legitimacy of the bill while their followers choose sides. It worked like a charm, let the games begin! With the right struggling to maintain some form of solidarity on the guns and gay marriage issues the fracture is as wide as ever, hit them hard now, is his thinking–ironically, by giving them some of the things they wanted. With the NRA breathing down their necks about background checks, those on the right who want to vote for background checks can’t for fear of retaliation from one of its major contributor–even if the voters overwhelmingly approve of it. Republicans being seen as unreasonable by the general public is a reasonable thought. So why not bury them with more logic, as Obama did.
The proposal whether accepted or not is just bait for the Marco Rubio’s and Rand Paul’s of the world, front-runners who oppose him on every front. Those on the right that oppose the bill will appear unreasonable, inclined to do the wrong thing for political gain. How will that play with the independent voters in 2016? Those that accept the bill will be viewed as weak, giving in to him, the foreign socialist, and be branded as a traitor, so to speak. Tah Dah! Mission accomplished by the president. So go ahead children, pour the cereal on the table and get that shiny new toy, open it and enjoy it for a while because it won’t be around for long, or worse, tell the other kids that want that toy that it’s broken before they have a chance to play with it because you don’t like it. Let’s see how that works out for ya’ in the end.
So hey democrats relax, Barack Obama is ending two wars, and he’s produced universal health care, he knows what he’s doing, he didn’t all of a sudden become dumb overnight, a little faith, please.


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