Most Blacks Anger Is Just Window Dressing In The Case Of Sterling

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Okay, so here we go again, another loudmouth lout stirred the pot of racism and (forced) the african-american community (sports community) to retaliation. Hey, I get it, Fighting back gives many a measure of worth–self-esteem if you will, but must blacks be so easily outraged and go campaigning against every bigoted remark spewed by old white men that were born before indoor plumbing? Is every little battle worth fighting? I know prejudiced and its cohorts have no place in today’s world, but, is it fought with real anger or, “I’m hurt” window dressing. Donald Sterling has been around for quite some time now, and to hear it from some of his former players this has always been his thinking, he’s never been all that fond of blacks. Now, don’t misunderstand me–I make no apologies for the Sterling’s of the world, in fact, I call people of his elk what they are to their face– I can smell IT on them before a crooked word leaves there two-faced mouths, but what I don’t seem to quite grasp is the indignant outrage. Doc Rivers has decided that his coaching future in L.A is now in doubt because he can not coach for a man such as Sterling, Okay. Seems reasonable on the surface, but, what of the players? some want to play just for HIM, what of those that came to L.A to play for HIM? It’s seems to me that getting out of a contract (just signed last summer) when the players can’t is kinda silly because some old out of touch coot gave his–gulp! girlfriend? a message to stop hanging around and associating with blacks.

Mark Jackson’s (The Golden State Warriors coach, and opponent in this year’s playoff) utterly non-sense statement of boycotting is even more silly. Boycott something those young men have fought so hard for is ridiculous beyond my comprehension. Why would you punish the very people Sterling just insulted. Makes no sense, that’s why I see this as nothing more than window dressing. People, blacks in particular, are being led by their lust for recognition against the politically incorrect rather than anger itself. Sure, some are angered, but why so much? This is a case of one man communicating with one woman. Who cares what HE thinks. The NBA acts as if racism doesn’t exist anymore, some of the higher-ups are so shocked that they were left speechless. I understand why they (the NBA) refuse to allow it in there world, but to pretend it doesn’t exist and bring on the bloodhounds is a bit much. Sure the league is 75% black but the real world isn’t. Racism is alive and well, ask our President. Everything is so PC nowadays its nauseating, the truth gets lost behind stereotypes and hyperbole. The news outlets and social media jumped from the tallest buildings in an effort to show zero tolerance for such talk, but did any outlet take time to think why a person would even have to say such a drastic thing in the first place?

Let’s examine this a little closer, shall we?
1.The woman in question is not his wife, she’s a Goldigger, arm-candy that was once sued by his wife for gifts that he purchased for HER–so lets not make this into a Bambi and big bad wolf scenario. Once miss thang background is in the forefront we might ask ourselves what was all this fussed about?

2.Sterling moved his team from San Diego to L.A, the Goldigger capital of the world, he sees on a daily basis young attractive Caucasian women throw themselves at black athletes. Him asking her not to do it in whatever politically incorrect tone he suggested doesn’t bother me.
Sterling knows that if his arm-candy keeps hanging out with the Magic Johnson’s of the world then there will be no need for him, and soon she will become someone else arm-candy. Magic Johnson once said he contracted the HIV virus by trying to please every woman who came on to him when he arrived in L.A. Donald Sterling knows Magic Johnson well, very well.

3.If blacks can’t get over this sensitive stance of the white man’s age old prejudice’s and bigotries then why even bother integrating? This is not a matter to circle the bandwagon and rally the troops over! OPRAH, JESSIE, GO AWAY! That foolishly silly old man isn’t the only person that feels this way–is he being labeled an outcast because of the way he feels or what he said? I say the latter. We should be (annoyed) at best over the way he feels–not what he said. I don’t give a damn and neither should Magic Johnson–or any other person that has/had any affiliation with Donald Sterling on what he has to say or thinks about black people–and what he said sure as hell shouldn’t hurt black people and send them into an outraged state. Or are we programmed to be mad because that is whats expected of us?

4.I know plenty of people, both men and women like Sterling, we all do–they are just not the old cranky grey-haired millionaires that are tired of all these new-fangled ways of living. No, these people are Docs Lawyers, maybe even a sister or a brother, even better yet, a trusted friend. But because these every day people aren’t famous we tend to not hold them to higher moral standards–we simply shrug them off and chalk it up as stupidity or alcohol when the racist talk spew from them–so why all the venom for Sterling? Is it because he’s famous? BINGO!–and speaking out against him gives his critics some form of notoriety to grandstand–no one can afford to be politically incorrect these days that’ll get your ass fired fast! People are scared to death to say what they really feel for the very reason we are about to burn that (poor) old bastard like a witch.
Some in the sports world have waited for this day for a long time, to kick Sterling when he’s down, or any rich man for that matter, but especially one like Sterling who from all accounts need a good kicking constantly.

To See Or Not To See, That Is Not The Question

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Before the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin verdict was rendered I was in the process of writing the article below.

Here is the closing argument I believe defense attorney Ron Wolf (wanted) to present to embattled judge Debra Nelson. Wolf continuously baited Nelson on viewpoints of the law and how it applied to this case in particular, prompting judge Nelson at one point to walk out of the courtroom in the middle of one of his rambling viewpoints. At that point I believe Wolf had begun preparing his closing argument, armed with the ammunition of getting under her skin, and deflecting the case towards him instead of George Zimmerman.

Ron Wolf: And in closing, I would like to thank you, your Honor, and the jury of the great state of Florida for allowing me to defend Mr. Zimmerman, who only did what was necessary to survive a vicious assault brought on him by a gang-banging pot smoking hoodie wearing hood, who had no business walking down (our) streets.
Sure, George Zimmerman is a spineless coward, who would never have the guts to confront any man, let alone a black man (or in this case kid) unless he had a gun, but, the fact still remains; Martin had no right walking down the street.
And, you can argue that the police dispatcher telling my client not to follow Mr. Martin was reason enough for Mr. Zimmerman to end his pursuit of the thug, but, as Mr. Zimmerman stated, they always get away with walking down the street.
And yes, I understand how a man who you’ve never seen before following you in a car like a stalker from a horror movie would scared the $#!t out of you, but Trayvon Martin had no business walking down the street.
Sure, Mr. Martin was carrying candy and soda this time, which is bad for you by the way, but weren’t you shocked to learn that was all he was carrying? Didn’t you expect him to have some form of drugs on him, crack, or whatever it is they do? C’mon, be honest. That’s the only reason a wannabe cop like Mr.Zimmerman continued his heroic chase, it was his civic duty to see what this hooded person had in his possession — like any law-abiding citizen would want to know.
So see, George Zimmerman was doing the very same thing any of us would have done, in fact, he should be commended instead of demonized for his convictions. The police department should be thanking him for helping them rid the streets of the Trayvon Martin’s of the world. You too should be secretly thanking him.
People of the jury, or shall I say, ladies, George Zimmerman is a God-fearing man, and as he proudly stated on FoxNews, “This was God’s will.” now, who among you has the audacity to go against God’s will?
And finally, I will finish with this, it is true my client killed a kid, a kid that was kicking his ass because he had stalked him like a child molesting vampire, that part is true, but, the whole truth still remains, he shouldn’t have been walking down the streets.

I was writing that article in anticipation of a guilty verdict, but (we) know all too well that justice is blind, and I don’t mean that as a compliment. It’s not what you know, or what happened that decides verdicts–but what you can prove.
There is no such thing as a slam dunk case, even when the evidence indicates it. From Claus Von Bulow to Lizzie Borden and O.J Simpson murderers have gotten away with murder when systematically put to trial, so the NOT guilty verdict for George Zimmerman isn’t all that shocking when you look at it up close, and that I did.
I watched the case presented by the prosecution (Angela Corey and John Guy) closely and was underwhelmed from the start. Strictly by the book–paint by numbers was the approach taken with no theatrics or emotions added to the playbook, unlike the defense led by Ron Wolf who opened with a knock-knock joke. Maybe the prosecution underestimated the jury, maybe they felt it wasn’t necessary to fire away, leaving nothing to chance — I hope that wasn’t their naive and amateurish thinking. I would like to think in a case as important as this that nothing was left to chance. But I’m not so sure.

The jury was made up of six women, some with children, that needed to be exploited by the prosecution.
Most mothers love their children unconditionally and couldn’t imagine them going through what George Zimmerman put Trayvon Martin through. Those feelings should have been brought into play aggressively by Corey and Guy. I never understood why they were so sedated while presenting this case. In the aftermath of this trial
it’s easy to be critical of the attorneys now, and more than one thing lost this case, but fair or not the obvious is this; an armed man stalked and killed an unarmed man, that part was undisputed, that and only that should have been enough to produce a guilty verdict. So why the NOT guilty verdict. Simple. Justice only works for those with the means to pay for it. If F.Lee Bailey or Robert Shapiro or The late Johnnie Cochran were prosecuting this trial George Zimmerman would be in jail. It’s that simple, justice loses to good lawyers, unfortunately.

A juror has come out (juror B29–more will come and attempt to profit later) and said she felt that Zimmerman was guilty, but had to vote NOT guilty because of the way the law is structured, and the judges instructions. B.S. They wanted to go home. So go home, go away, don’t come back, have some morals, some scruples, don’t write a tell all book about how you were against the other jurors. You get no sympathy for having the morals of a parasite. Are we now suppose to feel sorry for her, is she the real victim?

Polarizing cases such as this are openly tried in the court of public opinion, and there usually is no clear-cut winners. People take sides according to race, creed, and/or clout, it has always been that way. But If anyone of those jurors as (B37) did can honestly say she did the right thing by rendering a NOT guilty verdict then shame on her, her stupidity, and her willful ignorance. and I don’t want to hear that garbage about the way that law is structured either. Any man attacking a man while he has a gun and kills him with it is guilty.Period.
The jurors knew George Zimmerman followed Trayvon Martin with a gun and shot him, no eye-witness was needed, that fact was made crystal clear and established. Everything else is secondary. The Stand-your-ground law, Trayvon Martin bouncing Zimmerman’s big fat meat head on that side-walk, marijuana in Martin’s system, or the screams for help all are irrelevant in the scheme of things.
I do hope those screams in the last minute of Trayvon Martin’s life were those of George Zimmerman’s. I hate to think otherwise.

In the end somehow, some way, people like the O.J Simpson’s and George Zimmerman’s of the world find a way to self destruct. It’s God’s will.

Much Ado About Nothing

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NRA, IRS, NSA. This alphabet soup of calamities may yet prove to be the downfall of President Obama, but more than likely, nothing at all will come of these Republican based investigations and interrogations because:
A. These missteps are not Obama’s fault; but he is the commander-in-chief and has to take full responsibility for them.
B. Republicans keep screaming, “This is a scandal!” when their really isn’t one. And more importantly
C. Americans could care less about political rhetoric and partisan B.S. Impeachment my ass! People want jobs! First amendment rights, who cares! People want jobs! Gay marriage, fine, whatever. People want jobs!

JOBS!JOBS!JOBS! Should be harped on by every anti-Obama critic from the deep south to South Dakota, but since hatred blinds, the Grand Ol’ Party continues to swing in the dark, hoping to hit that Obama pinata and unleash a Nixon type scandal that’ll have the American people screaming for an impeachment. Good luck with that, simpleton’s.

If Prez Barry learned anything at all since taking office, he learned the hard way, a long time ago, that the Republican party isn’t filled with men of honor, men with goals to spearhead a more efficient government, men with aspirations to repair the economy that Dubya so carelessly broke, not these men. Politics aside, these old men despise HIM, they hate his very soul–he’s the man Ronald Reagan warned them about long ago. Unfortunately, Barry had to be slapped hard across the face constantly to see that cold truth-that these are not (just) men. Now, with that in mind, he knows he has his work cut out for him in this second term, so I suspect that he saw some of this coming in some form or another. But even the most astute prognostic could not have [T]rumped up (pun intended) or seen these time-wasting allegations.

Lets take Benghazi first; the country, along with the Senate and Congress rejected the notion that a cover-up was hatched to save the Presidents political career from the clutches of Weird Willard Romney during the 2012 election. Even the biggest conspiracy theorist ideas can’t stretch that far. Okay, how about Susan Rice? What about the report she gave to the media, saying the riot was sparked by a YouTube video?
Right. Susan Rice conveyed what she was told by our National Security Advisors, not the white house. Misinformation, yes, cover-up, no.
Oh, okay, but Barack loves her which mean we hate her. Well…what about Hillary? it’s her fault then, she got the message that the Embassy was under attack, why didn’t she just send more troops to protect them? First of all, it was the Republicans voting against more troops to protect the Embassy and Ambassadors that left them vulnerable in the first place, by the time the troops would have been dispatched it would have been too late anyway. Cover-up, no, unfortunate, yes. Could the message to the media been handled better, absolutely.
Oh. She makes us sick–we hate her, and her husband even more, but we got one for sure, what about Eric Holder? explain him. He’s screwing up, shouldn’t he be fired for the NSA and gun controversies?
Really? If being inept is enough to fire a politician then all of you would be out of work. This country is abysmal because of political arrogance and aloofness.
Oh. Okay–but we still hate them, we don’t need evidence to prove that, do we? No, you don’t.
So not one single piece of evidence revealed a cover-up, mistakes yes, cover-up, no. A waste of time and tax payers money. Absolutely.

When the wrong-wingers desperate attempt to make Benghazi the New 911 failed old man McCain and crew; Darryl Issa John Boehner Mitch McConnell Reince Priebus and Lindsey Graham quickly turned their attention to the next scandal, or perceived scandal, something had to stick–anything. Since one wasn’t ready just yet, they turned the focus to The NRA vote–aha! their’s a victory for the Repubs if not a scandal, right? We beat him! No gun laws! No background check! But at what price, dim-wits!
No universal background check in this age of gun crazies is absurd. This would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. Nearly 90% of the country wants some form of background check–even Republicans that don’t hate Obama (McCain) want some form of a background check, but to spite Prez Barry the wrong-wingers opposed it, stupid. Come mid-term elections this will not be solely an NRA issue, and communities much like the one’s feeling the ongoing effect from murdered children votes will resonate throughout the country. Those that fought tooth and nail against background checks will be ousted–the tea-baggers will finally come to an end soon after, thank goodness, and the fringe right will slowly slither back to the rocks they crawled from under. This dismantling will include those Democrats that voted against background checks as well. This brings to mind an old phrase commonly used when I was a child–your ass is grass! Whatever the reason I hope it was worth it.
I get it in part, the NRA supports many candidates and has power over their decision-making, but even the most common sense challenged puppet should know that a vote against background checks literally is a vote against themselves. Is opposing Obama worth sacrificing a career, idiots! While disappointed with the result of the background check voting, the Obama administration had to secretly look at this as a best case scenario and smile a little, this is a win-win. Eventually, universal background check will become law, and the NRA will lose some of its long sustained power and clout, especially over the Republican Party–in the meanwhile, a bunch of wrong-wing nuts will be ousted in the mid-term, narrowing his opposition list, thus a win/win. Once again Republicans fumbled at the goal line and lose a major opportunity to show some decency and empathy for American citizens, but once again they play politics with people lives and showed their true colors.
And they still wonder how Obama beat them twice by more than two million votes even with voter suppression.

Let’s see, the next impeachable offense according to the Republicans was that the IRS targeted Republican groups such as the tea party and parties with the word freedom in them? Really? …so? What if he did? I don’t see the big deal here. Even if the Prez ordered such a thing…so what? Presidents have done far worst–why does this merit impeachment? I have my suspicions that the American people have little-to-no trust in any form of government–IRS included, so why all the flack? Once again this is a case of the little boy (in this case Darrell Issa) crying Wolf. Without a penny of proof or ounce of evidence Issa called the White House spokesman a paid liar and announced with certainty that this is a cover-up that should be investigated with an impeachment to follow. Funny. Darrell Issa is a joke. He’s making a complete ass of himself (again), and has become the poster boy for over playing hands. Without proof, Issa couldn’t help but attack, making himself look villainous in the process. He didn’t give the public a chance to form an opinion, he doesn’t care, this president has to go, that’s all he knows. But even he should know if their was/is wrong doing it would/will seep out–Obama has many enemies in the press, they love to (leak) things, factual or not. But Issa began his witch hunt before we knew who the witch was. Labeling this catastrophic, and comparing it to Watergate. This is just plain bad politics, and any time Mike Huckabee chimes in and guarantees anything (in this case an impeachment) you can take it to the bank the opposite will happen. Again, the wrong-wingers blow it.
FIRE! is all Darrell Issa knows to say when he hears the name Barack Obama. If some one were to ask him, “Where is the fire Mr. Issa?” he would reply, “I don’t know, but Barack Obama has a match.”
To say Barack Obama had to target the tea-party is ridiculous and makes absolutely no sense, for what reason? the tea party candidates are getting knocked off like stoolies in the mob. Barack Obama doesn’t have to target the tea party nor does his administration, they are not worthy, they pose no viable opposition, they have no power. Just as all things in life, this was the work of a few, not the many, perhaps an overzealous official in the IRS looking to see were tea party contributions were coming from and who was funding them, (besides the Koch brothers) that’s all, case closed, there is no grand cover-up, or concerted effort to destroy a party that’s destroying itself. Once again Mr. Issa has wasted the American people time. Not one shred of proof has been brought forth by him or any of his committee members, McCarthyism died a long time ago, witch hunts are sooo outdated.
During all of these so-called scandals the President approval rating actually jumped, that speaks for itself, people want jobs–the rest of this $#*t doesn’t matter.

I must admit the NSA situation is my favorite. Now that Barack Obama is President he is privy to things he had no idea about, things he never knew existed, our the extent of their power. If Barry knew then what he knows now he wouldn’t have said some of the things he so knowingly voice against the Bush administration on the campaign trail. Obama promised a transparent Presidency, and he meant it I believe. And then he became President and found out why Dubya and every President before him are so secretive about issues pertaining to national security.
Whistle-blowers permeate every major news outlet in this country.They don’t care who they put in harm’s way, they just want their name in the news. Opposing political party writers can’t wait to expose government secrets. It’s a feather in their little caps–makes them feel important. These people aren’t martyrs–they won’t be read about in history books, nor will images of them be placed on postage stamps. They are not heroes. They don’t give bird crap about the American people–they just want credit for breaking a story first, to be seen on talk shows, to bask in the fifteen minutes of fame like any idiot on YouTube. CNN–the Granddaddy of them all–is fast becoming a laughingstock for this very reason. I won’t mention the name of the Ant that leaked the NSA phone record probe, just as I didn’t mention the name of the mass murderers that took all those lives, but I will say this, we are less safe today than we were before he took it upon himself to put innocent civilians in danger. Make no mistake about it, what he did was treason, and he should be hung by his neck from the highest tree until he is dead, like the traitor he is. No trial. He’s an Enemy Of The State just like a terrorist, somewhere, someone will die because of what he did–who knows, maybe even you or me.
Believe it or not, it is not for us to know everything the government does to protect us–only that they keep us safe. Just as Jack so eloquently put it in A Few Good Men; we need them on That Wall, and we should just say thank you, but either way, they don’t owe us explanations for protecting us. As for those Democrats that are all up in arms and upset that the President is wise enough to adapt instead of holding to a misguided promise GROW UP! This isn’t about you or your crappy phone calls–no one wants to know about your hook-ups, your affairs or your feelings about your boss–if you are not a terrorist or has associations with one then shut up! You think this just started with Dubya? you’ve been tracked since the day you were born–who cares about your rights, you don’t even know what they are.
The President’s job first and foremost is to keep this country SAFE. If you don’t like it move to Canada–this is America–their are justifiable (in their minds) crazies plotting at this very moment to kill YOU and every one you know. So if privacy is so sacred to you, leave the country like the traitor did, drop us a postcard, we’d love to hear from ya’.

AND finally, Crazy auntie Michelle rode off into the sunset with a packet of lies in her saddlebag, hopefully, never to return. If the Republicans have any wit–just an ounce of intelligence under those toupees and comb-overs they will lock the door behind her and her nutty husband–the gay curer. Crazy Michelle left behind a video for us (how lucky are we) stating that she felt her time was up, that she had served long enough, and that no one should serve so many terms, this woman cracks me up. Bachmann squeeze out a narrow victory in a fully red district, she knew she was about to get her ass kicked come mid-terms and ran like all cowards do. She didn’t suddenly find morality, she doesn’t have an iota of decency in her. So just go straight to FOX and friends, take those serial killer eyes, knowledge of nothing, and join your crazy sister Sarah. I’m looking forward to hearing the fair and balance stupidity in the future.
Speaking of crazy, I see John McCain is still stuck in war mode–this time he wants to fight in Syria. NO THANKS senator, were tired, let them figure it out–besides al-Qaeda has already infiltrated the rebels, the last thing this country needs is another Somalia or Rwanda situation. The Syrian’s have been fighting forever, we don’t have to be at war continuously with someone, or do we?
Doesn’t John McCain remind you of that cranky grandfather every one ignores but loves. Every now and then they says something very profound because wisdom came with experience, and then out of nowhere something comes out of their mouth so stupid that you can’t believe they are kin to you.
Speaking of stupid, the tea-baggers new poster boy Ted Cruz continues to make headlines in his bid to become the Republican nominee for Prez. Cruz will basically say anything against minorities, women, dogs, cats, or anything that isn’t Caucasian and wealthy to get the nod. It didn’t work for Willard, it won’t work for him either. But I hope he gets the nod, I sincerely do, it’ll be worth it to see Hillary kick his ass.

It amazes me still, that the wrong-wingers just don’t get it– common decency is all they must have [these days] to be elected President.
Barack Obama, while doing some extraordinary things has failed at somethings also–very important things, some of it through no fault of his own, but none the less, he hasn’t figured out the jobs thing, and how to bridge the gap in politics between Republicans and Democrats, things that are very important to him. Obama left an opening for Republicans, and with just a little wisdom, some decency, and more importantly common sense they would have a shot at the White House. But as always, all Democrats have to do is stand back and let the Bile shoot from Republicans mouth. For example, take Chris Christie. He looked to be a viable Presidential candidate until he went all Republican on us with his special election move. A waste of 12 million that he said he wouldn’t do, that the people of New Jersey didn’t want him to do, but he did it anyway, now the people of Jersey are pissing there pants over it. And why the betrayal? all this to off-set Cory Booker in some way? There goes the Independents, there goes the Democrat admirers, there goes any chance at the Presidency. For a guy that was viewed as political savvy, that had a [I don’t give a damn about politics] attitude he sure looks like a polished Republican politician now. At this rate, the next Republican President is a fifth grader. I can see him now, hanging upside down on monkey bars.

Barry will endure these scandals.Just like the Teflon Don, these situations will roll off of him, and he knows it, that’s why he appointed Susan Rice to such a high-profile position (especially now) on security. Barry sent the Republicans a big message loud and clear with her hiring — I do what I want to do and there is nothing you can do about it. I’m the President, dammit!
Maybe he’s finally given up on the idea of bi-partisanship, now that would be a smart move by a wise man.

Chicago Nuts

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Congrats to the Chicago Bulls for providing the city, and league, with all the drama it craves during the NBA playoffs. Coach Thibs should have won Coach Of The Year for the third straight year (unwritten rule:no repeat winners for coach-of-the year award)for totally replacing the best bench in basketball(by getting players to buy into his system)and guiding a team, for the most part, without starters and key role players for most of the year. Only Gregg Popovich of San Antonio gets as much out of a system of plug-in players as Thibs.
Imagine the Thunder without Durant Westbrook and Sefalosha for all or most of the season, or the Spurs without Duncan and or Parker, or the Heat without James Wade and Chalmers–I could go on and on, but I think you get the point. Thibs out-coaches and gets every drop out of his teams every night, he should be the model for coaches in all sports. Moral victories are rare in professional sports, losers are forgotten quickly, but the Bulls infallible heart-and-soul play made this team my favorite of all time, that includes some very good teams–the Sloan-Van Lier Love-Walker Gilmore-Theus and Jordan-Pippen teams. Now, if only they could get rid of that Carlos Boozer–I’ve never seen a man built like Hercules be as soft as a baby’s bottom.

Moving on, let talk Derrick Rose–the only legitimate superstar Chicago has in any of its major sports. The only player to win the MVP award in the last five years that’s not named Lebron James. The Derrick Rose that was born and raised in Chicago’s heartland, among the thieves robbers and murderers, but somehow came out clean, not a smudge on a police blotter. The Derrick Rose that doesn’t smoke or drink, hawk products, or do nights-out-on-the-town with flunky posses. The camera-shy, inarticulate, undefined, and unpolished kid that still hasn’t conquered acne yet Derrick Rose–yes him–lets talk him. The fervor over Rose not playing in the playoffs makes me wonder about Chicago sports fans, we’ve become as whinny as New York fans. I’m beginning to believe people want to complain just to complain, maybe its just good old-fashioned envy–but that use to be for the old and bitter–not the young wild and free. Now the PBR and Corona crowd, chomping on buffalo wings(which they just discovered ten years ago)have found their voice, and it’s as whinny as a newborn.

I don’t believe everyone is entitled to have an opinion on everything, just as I don’t believe you should produce a child because you can, or drive a race car because you have a driver’s license, just because you have an opinion doesn’t mean you have justification for an argument. I hear the theories and conspiracies–B.J Armstrong or Reggie Rose held him out, the owners, Adidas, even that he was afraid?!
Any person questioning Derrick Rose’s heart is not only ignorant, but have a lot of stupidity in them as well. That kid came from Englewood, he ain’t scared of $#!t, especially on a basketball court. Rose has nothing to prove or apologize for, he deserves the benefit of the doubt. Mature people, with common sense, learned not to question a person’s pain–mentally or physically, if he says he’s not ready to jump the way HE wants, then so be it, and don’t forget, Rose jumps harder than anyone in the league.Those of us that played beyond little league know that you don’t question another players injury. Ironically, the same people complaining about his return are the very people displaying no loyalty to HIM, they want him to risk his career, as if he owes them something? Its his job to entertain them so that they can drink crappy beer and eat pricey bird wings while pounding on tables counters and bars? Well guess what special person, he didn’t comeback–you didn’t get your selfish need or greedy want, and feel free not to be a Rose fan next year, or a Bulls fan for that matter, hell, I bet you are not even a basketball fan–you just like to complain and yell, hear yourself talk–either way, just shut up.

The Rise Of Christie

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After undergoing gastric bypass surgery, soon, even Chris Christie’s weight won’t be able to hold him back, or shall I say, keep him down.
Christie, easily the most popular member of the beleaguered republican party with an approval rating in the seventies, which is nothing short of a miracle in a blue state, finally had the surgery, reasoning, he did it for his kids.
Whatever the reason, an obese president in our age of fitness is unacceptable, and I reason, the biggest factor in him not taking the plunge in 2012.
This time around, Christie has momentum behind him, and four key factors that gives him a puncher’s chance if he throws his ticket into what will once again be a very large hat.

1.Christie remains unharmed by the republicans many failings over the past five years, and is in position to run for the presidency if he chooses to do so in spite of them. In hindsight, not being invited to C- PAC may have been a blessing in disguise with most of his party expecting to take a hit at midterm over the background check fall out. Christie is as conservative as they come, but doesn’t behave like one when it comes to towing the company line, as demonstrated with hurricane Sandy. Christie telling fox news, ” I don’t give a damn about presidential politics.” in reference to Mittens Romney, and later praising the president on his leadership during the Sandy crisis was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen in politics, it vaulted him higher than any one could have known.
The images of him with the president will be etched into voters minds forever, he stood man to man with the man, that carries a lot of weight(no pun intended) with independents, and will have an affect at the polls if he runs.

2.By 2016 this country will be ready for a kick-ass-and-take-names president after having an intellect constantly chiding a gridlocked congress into doing its job. Even though we are not in a depression the country is depressed, but congress could care less, they are still out to recess. They need to be yelled at! The republicans despise Obama so much that he can’t even embarrass them into doing the right things–regardless of polls and the will of the people.
One of Christie’s shortcomings has been that he is too brash, and that abrasiveness would not appeal to mainstream voters. That was true at one point, telling reporters and politicians to shut up, and do you think I care what you think! was at one time politically incorrect in our society, but not now, america is ready for a president to tell congress, “Get your ass to work, or look for another job!”

3.If this Benghazi stew simmers long enough what will be the repercussions? The republicans, in their zeal to find something, anything, on the Obama administration will cook the Benghazi story for as long as needed to combat the downfall of their party.
And lets face it, Clinton has haters deeply rooted in the republican party, if she is somehow linked to a cover-up, the republicans will make her the scapegoat and focus on her in an effort to place blame for Benghazi, that would in all likelyhood effectively end her run for presidency if she chooses to run.
Which is just what the republicans are hoping. Unless this country goes into a depression, the chances of defeating Hillary Clinton in 2016 are slim, especially if Rubio is nominated, but against Joe Biden there is a chance, but only by Christie. Biden can be connected to Obama directly as Al Gore was to president Clinton’s downfalls, and essentially be nailed for the whole administration, besides, Old man Joe doesn’t mind telling it the way he see’s it either, basically matching the tone of Christie, those so inclined to vote against Christie because of his gruffness would have to choose between the two, in that case Christie could win with Biden being tied to all things Obama.

4. And last, but not least, his appearance. Who doesn’t love the lovable weight loser that has struggled with a weight problem for decades? This country is so obsessed with weight lost that we have a prime time ratings through the roof hit show on television each week to show us the joy of weight lost. Christie wouldn’t have done it the old fashion way, but will be accepted as–once the stories circulate that he went under the knife for his children, so that he could be around to see them through life…ahhhh warms the heart, doesn’t it? Republicans that hated him for even touching Obama will forgive and yet again vote against there best interest, those democrats that love a good humane story will become Christie-democrats and vote for him because the Obama administration just didn’t live up to there expectations, and they will name Biden as second in charge of that disappointment.
And finally, the newer version of Christie will be living proof that you too can change. Each time he has a conference eyes everywhere will marvel at how much smaller he is. He will be loved more because there’s less of him to love.
And there you have it, a republican in the white house in 2016, perish the thought.

Marco Rubio, Stuperstar.

Posted in POLITICS on February 19, 2013 by davidcwilder

President Obama’s SOTU address revealed little if any new twists or wrinkles he had for his second term. The SOTU address over the years has become (nearly) irrelevant in the scheme of things, a push for the party’s favor, and an olive branch to the nemesis across the aisle.
But the reply to the speech has become as important as the speech itself, and not since president Clinton’s second SOTU address has so much been riding on a response from the party out of favor.

After Obama’s first victory, the republican party–the party out of favor, chose Bobby Jindal to respond to the socialist marxist that occupied the(ir) white house. The Louisiana governor towed the party line, basically disagreeing with the president on virtually everything–which meant he (they) disagreed with americans. Obama was elected by an overwhelming majority, disagreeing (on everything) in theory meant that the republican party have no regard for the country they claim to love so dearly. Jindal was eloquent and direct in his address, disagreeing, but not with the venomous hatred the party has demonstrated–lead by the teabaggers and their followers.

Since that address–and another lost election, Jindal stated the obvious by saying the republican party can’t remain the stupid party. That they can’t remain abrasive and unaccepting to the social issues of this countries ever-changing culture. Jindal, and a few others on the right have finally figured it out (to some degree) that their way of thinking is more than outdated, its prehistoric and barbaric. They are not the GOP of old, and this isn’t the america of old, hatred and obstruction won’t win elections. Jindal, in his quest for power, stood firm against all things that were un-american such as; birth control, same-sex marriage, universal health-care etc…poor fellow even changed his religion–converting from hindu to catholic in an effort to become more acceptable to the republican base–now if that ain’t american I don’t know what is. But Jindal had/has one fatal flaw, he’s of india descent. He will never be the fresh new face the grand old party wants to portray for its new-found ways of thinking (trying to win elections) as they move forward. Some on the right will never vote for Jindal no matter what his religion is because of his skin color and ethnicity, lets not kid ourselves–a lesson the Michael Steele’s and Alan West’s of the world are slow to realize and probably never will, but that’s another story.
Jindal for all practical purposes has been pushed aside now for that face they’ve been searching for–Marco Rubio.

Rubio donned the cover of TIME magazine as the savior of that dysfunctional party, the new golden boy (no pun intended) of hope for the future. A latino that looks caucasian ( close enough; see–were not racist). Marco Rubio is about as ready to become president as I am.
During the last republican debate cycle Rubio said things that only a amateur would say and do, his biggest gaff? he lied about his history–as if the 24hour news cycle we live in wouldn’t catch it.
Politicians are liars by nature, they have to be, in many cases for the safety and well-being of the country. But Rubio’s; my parents fled from the Fidel Castro regime, was a whopper even by politicians standards. Rubio later said the statement was taken out of context and that he had (misspoke?), but the truth was obvious–he was trying to pad his I’m just like you status among the latino community–all the while going against them on every major issue.
As before, the republican party learned absolutely nothing from the last election cycle. Marco Rubio is about as counterfeit as they come. Sticking old rejected ideas in a new package doesn’t make them new–in this case, just pretty. The handsome Rubio stumbled through the SOTU rebuttal so much that it became comical, and so many lies came out of his thirsty mouth that I stopped counting. The pre-written reply was obviously constructed well before the SOTU address, with Rubio asking questions that the president answered in detail earlier; which only made him look even more inadequate. Senator Rubio was just towing the company line of the left that americans have already soundly rejected. Asking the same questions and making the same false statements that Mitt Romney made. Wiping his forehead and the corners of his mouth like an 8th grade debater with cotton-mouth, Rubio once again showed that he lacks the poise and command to be anywhere near the oval office. As has been scrutinized, his sliding nearly out of sight of the television camera for a drink of bottled water was just plain amateurish.
Rubio means nothing in 2016, Hillary or VP. Joe Biden would/will take him to the shed and whip him like the minor he is if nominated.
He’s fool’s gold, if he’s the best republicans have to offer then they will lose again.
The repubs problems lay inside their package, it doesn’t matter how pretty it is, the inside is still damaged. It was hilirious to hear Newt Gingrich rip Karl Rove a new one. Like crabs in a barrel, the GOP is turning on each other, the old party against the new old party.
But the right-wing will never change its way of thinking, not when they are led by fringe groups and organizations like–the tea-party and Cpac–along with the Carl Rove’s and Rush Limbaugh’s of the world, they simply won’t let them adapt. They’ll just keep re-packaging the same failed policies and out-dated agendas–and keep losing elections. They know by now (I think they know) that their views are not accepted anymore, but still, they stubbornly push them anyway, choosing to lose rather than adapt. Until the right gets it right, Marco Rubio is just one of many sacrificial lambs served up for the left to devour. Bon Appetit!

From Lance To Tiger, It’s Our Fault.

Posted in JUST FOR SPORT on January 18, 2013 by davidcwilder

From Lance Armstrong to Tiger Woods it’s our fault when flawed stars fall, crash to earth, and burn. It appears most of us are incapable of rational thinking that borders on common sense, we love sports figures so much that when they unravel–be it from sports or good old fashion human frailty (see Tiger Woods) we come apart as they do. Here’s the deal–Lance Armstrong has done many good deeds for cancer research with his organization [Livestrong] that maybe the good out ways the bad? maybe? no? not buying it? okay, well try this on for size, we made a guy riding a bicycle a GOD!

People, he was riding a bike!I don’t care how fast, long, or skillfully he rode it through the rugged terrains of France. He could have peddled from Xanadu to Amsterdam–it’s still a bike! He’s not a GOD! He didn’t deserve more money than Fort Knox could hold. Eager corporations pasted Armstrong with brightly colored logos and pumped money into him like gas stations into SUV’s. Now, having said that, I in no way condone cheating, or the use of drugs–performance enhancers or otherwise, but, if Lance the cheater doesn’t load his blood cells full of steroidal fuel then we don’t have an organization so devoted to the cure cancer cause. The Livestrong organization has done more good for the fight and research against cancer then all the pink ribbons of america combined. In this case, I think the end justifies the means. But now our hypocrisy–standing high, clouds our adorational thoughts and gives us a self-righteous sense of justice that links us to condemnation.

Armstrong cheated, he took performance enhancing drugs, and now our decency is under attack by this (now) immoral man because this unworthy act betrays our admiration. How dare he! I don’t give two hoots about Lance Armstrong, him or his medal gathering bikes, I never wanted to be like Lance, Mike, or Tiger, and neither should any sensical person. And we should make sure our kids find more worthy icons to give praise. Having a gift does not make one morally exceptional. Hitting a jump shot or a little white ball into a hole in the ground does not make one a GOD!–and a guy riding a bike should never be considered a king under any circumstances. These stars were created by want and admiration; they didn’t fall from the sky! So don’t be/act disappointed that Lance Armstrong didn’t fall to his wealthy knees while chitchatting with Oprah. Don’t feel (cheated) that he didn’t cry crocodile tears while pleading and begging God for forgiveness like a fake ass Jimmy Swaggert, after all, who would he be pleading to, himself?


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